I am Lucky enough to live in Half Moon Bay, California, on the hills of El Granada.

Half Moon Bay and the surrounding coast-side are a peaceful and natural counterpoint to the excitement and allure of San Francisco. I find that I love both and both are necessary for my soul.

The very same way, I find the smooth natural curves of Half Moon Bay serving as a counterpoint to the angles of abodes that people build here. I love both. Both make me feel loved and welcomed.

Many, especially on the coast-side see them as antagonistic to each other. I find them enhanced because they are together.

Natural beauty exists without intention and is appreciated perhaps only by our species truly. Human creation has beauty by intention with angles, textures, curves and colors. Sometimes the beauty is entirely superfluous to the human function, but still humans insist on the beauty being included.

I only feel wanting more human AND natural beauty.

EG orange
EG Turquoise