Arata Pumpkin


Places are knowable

By their innate scenery

Half Moon Bay has many


Half Moon Bay is distinctive. There are sceneries that I see over and over again that keep reminding me that I live in this wonderful place.

In spring, bright yellow mustard plant fields bloom in profusion. One special place for me is the large field at the corner of highway one and Main street. It is right in front of the Half Moon Bay High School and children take a short cut through it. Ryan went to school through and I always associate this field with memories of him going to school. It is so beautiful that it is common to see wedding couple pictures taken in the field.

Of course, Half Moon Bay claims that it is the “Pumpkin Capital of the World”. So, for many months in the fall, it is common to see pumpkin related scenes all around. It attracts people from around the bay area. Pumpkins maybe even more emblematic of Half Moon Bay than the bay itself. Orange is certainly the color of Half Moon Bay, we are proud of that bright color.

The beaches of Half Moon Bay with the sturdy ice plants with their pink and yellow flowers are another favorite scene for me. I walk the trails along the beach frequently and they form a protective border to the beach and the ocean.

There are so many more such scenes.

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