Strange Angel


On opposite coast

Raising a cryptic welcome

Stands the strange angel


It is fascinating to me to see people building their house entirely by themselves. This house is in Half Moon Bay, just a few feet from the beach. It is so striking that as I go for my frequent walks, I see people taking photos of it all the time.

In the USA, it is so easy to get pre-assembled houses, or hire someone to build a replica house of standard parts, that seeing such a house is shocking. I remember as a child helping build my grandmother’s house, where I grew up. It brought back feelings of happiness to see similar personal involvement in this house.

The builder threw almost all convention aside. Every angle of the house, every window position, every piece of wood assembled lovingly, makes this place amazing. Each shingle seems to have its own angle and statement to make.

On top of it all is the figure I call the strange angel. It seems to be welcoming people that may not always be welcomed. At this moment in time, it feels wonderful to see that. The overall feeling is of an abandoned but always ready Viking temple, welcoming its new pilgrims.

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