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The Google robot car will have to choose to knowingly put some humans at risk. Do we know how it is going to decide? Who will be at most risk?

Robots are going to change the insurance industry and there will be winners and losers. Investors have to start understanding the potential effects of this shift.

A new economic force is gathering. A significant shift is happening where new small businesses are starting that are entirely cloud-based.

A robot truck corridor crossing Canada, USA and Mexico has been proposed. Trucking will impact society dramatically as the first industry where the public gets visibility to robotics.

The cloud model of technology solutions has been growing at an astonishing pace. Investing in these companies is the surest way to profit from that growth.

Robots will have an overwhelmingly beneficial effect on healthcare compared to other industries. This is because healthcare does not meet the needs of the marketplace today.

What if we built a flight of stairs where seven out of every 1000 steps don't work? We would not be very happy. That has been the situation in software.

The beheading of hitchBOT, the hitchhiking robot, probably won't be the last instance of human-on-robot violence. Here's why.

"What job or career should I choose?" My niece asked me that question today. She is studying in the third year out of a four year degree in naval architecture. I thought my answers to her may help other young people in the same situation. Click HERE to read the entire article. 

If you were to search Google with the words "Golden Gate bridge suspension" you will get approximately1,400,000 results. Pretty impressive! It makes sense because suspension bridges are very complex pieces of engineering and the Golden Gate bridge is arguably the most well-known example of that type of a bridge. Many experts said that a bridge couldn’t be built across the 6,700 ft strait. It had strong, swirling tides and currents, powerful winds and regular fog. But the Golden Gate bridge, was built in only four years and came in ahead of schedule and under budget.