Chennai, India My niece named this house the Four House, even though I had another name in mind. It stuck. The building is close to the beach with a great view from the top of the Bay of Bengal. It is not far from my sister and parents'  houses. I was looking to design an striking looking building that would combine familiar elements in a way that showed strength and safety - a place you would want to come home to. The many facets of the building and very strong lines add visual interest to the building. The cupola at the top caps off the building in an elegant way.

Chennai, India A new project to construct a new type of housing in India.  Using GFRG technology invented by IIT-Madras based on an Australian technology. (Content below is old. will be replaced)

Look out the balcony in front and you see the teal blue-green sea and Pillar Point bluff; yes, it is Mavericks. One of the greatest spots for big surf in the world. It was immortalized in the movie "Chasing Mavericks" - the story of a young man's hunt to learn about himself in some of the most amazing surf in the world. It is a grand sight! As if to make the point, it is fronted by the massive Pillar Point with God's golf ball teed up and ready to go.