A model voter is a term used to describe an ideal citizen who fulfills their civic duties by exercising their right to vote in a responsible and informed manner. A model voter is someone who takes the time to research the candidates and issues before casting their vote, and who makes a thoughtful decision based on their personal values and beliefs.

A model voter is also someone who is engaged in the democratic process beyond just voting. They may attend political rallies, participate in public debates, and volunteer for political campaigns. They may also stay informed about current events and hold elected officials accountable for their actions.

Being a model voter is important because it helps ensure that democracy functions properly. When citizens take an active role in the electoral process, they help ensure that elected officials represent the interests of their constituents and that the government is accountable to the people. By being informed and engaged, model voters help ensure that democratic institutions remain strong and effective.

  • A Model-Voting application is available on Phone and Web.
  • Model Voters analyze the election and make their recommendations in the system.
  • Apprentice Voter follows three Model Voters.
  • Apprentice gets a merged recommendation ballot from the three models.
  • Apprentice overrides some recommendations.
  • Apprentice uses the resulting ballot to cast  his/her vote.
  • We get a much higher quality vote and it is much easier to vote too.